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Design and technical drawings

All designs and drawings are performed by Namaqua Engineering’s in-house drawings office. Our design and drawings team ensure that all designs are optimised in terms of structural integrity, cost, manufacturing, installation and future maintenance.

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Rigging and cranage

Namaqua Engineering owns and operates its own fleet of trucks and mobile cranes. The company is well situated to provide rigging and cranage services throughout the Western Cape.

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On-site installation

Namaqua Engineering has on-site installation teams, equipped with the necessary tools to make small work of any site installation tasks.

Crew members are trained in:

Our site teams are supported by mobile workshops, site office facilities, tools, equipment, rigging and cranage. Additional support is given from the main workshop in Vredendal via Namaqua Engineering’s transportation services.

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HDPE piping

Namaqua Engineering’s HDPE Piping department sources, fabricates, supplies and installs HDPE piping ranging from 16 mm to 500 mm in diameter.

We own extrusion and butt-welding equipment to fabricate piping to any specification and design. Larger diameter piping sections may be sourced on demand.

Namaqua Engineering safety standard is based on the OHSAS 18001 standard and enforced by a strong team of capable individuals.
Namaqua Engineering is ISO 9001 certified. The company is governed through a quality management system and consistently provides products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. The QMS enables the company to continuously improve and monitor all areas of the business by focussing on important sections and improving efficiency where necessary.