Our mission is to be a recognized and preferred supplier to our customers by delivering unequaled engineering services through a highly qualified staff of trained professionals with total commitment to integrity and excellence.


Unequalled Engineering

We include all major engineering disciplines in our company.

Our vision is to supply our clients with the best technology, excellent advice and professional services to optimize and effectively use their resources to transform their companies into more competitive, thriving businesses.

We also aim to empower our clients to increase their performance capabilities significantly in order to achieve worthwhile targets by giving them excellent engineering services. To accomplish these goals we will empower and manage our workforce to optimize their potential.

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January 25, 2017


GAWIE VAN PAPENDORP 11/07/2013 – 24/02/2017 NAMAQUA ENGINEERING In Memories Of: Gawie van Papendorp – Diens: vanaf 01/07/2013 Oorlede: 23 Februarie 2017 Rowan Lotz – oorlede: […]


We deliver engineering
solutions since 1998

We include all major engineering
disciplines in our company.

Our management team consists of qualified members dedicated to providing competent and professional services in accordance with international standards. We have more than 15 years’ experience in the wine, mining and construction industries.

Our Quality Control Procedures are based on ISO9001. It is strictly enforced by management and is one of the contributors to our success. It is our main advertisement and ensures customer satisfaction. Documentation is kept up to date, filed according to procedures and available to our clients.